You can view and download the Brand Development deck via the button below.

I. Brand DNA: These key pillars of your brand will be key to guiding the development of your Brand Identity (logo, fonts, color palette, graphics, etc.). We'd like you to review and provide your feedback on each of the four key pillars.

  1. Purpose (please review all three versions and let us know thoughts and preference)  
  2. Positioning
  3. Principles/Values
  4. Promise

II. Brand Identity: We included some initial exploration for your Brand Identity here. We'd like your thoughts on:

  • Overall conceptual direction/motif (please review all three and let us know thoughts and preference)  
  • Typeface/fonts
  • Primary color use
  • Particular visuals/graphics

Please take some time to review and give these items some thought. Happy to set a call to discuss if you'd like.

We'd like your feedback by Monday, 3/23.

Thank You!