Imagery:  Researched several sources for imagery with limited licenses

Fonts:  Explored alternates to better convey the tone


  • Ubuntu typeface has a clean, contemporary style and conveys a tone that is smart, reliable and friendly.


  • Karla is a sans serif typeface family that supports the header font nicely and conveys a clear and supportive tone. 

4/30 Revisions made:

  • Proposition and opening copy updated
  • Color palette revised - yellow for CTA highlights  |  removed blue tint from "partners" section
  • Cornell logo added to start of "partners" section
  • Added Veteran's Crisis Line logo  - we may rebuild this in all blue and reduce size a bit

Click image to view + download  →

CONCEPTS - SET 1:  2 Versions

  • main header image can gradually fade and rotate
  • refined colors to lessen orange and move more towards yellow
  • list of services in blue box of header can appear on roll-over of image 
  • testimonials will enlarge on roll-over
  • "Numbers are Staggering" panel can feature auto scrolling imagery and messaging



CONCEPTS - SET 2:  3 Versions

  • revised headline
  • revised header imagery
  • use of blue vs yellow highlight in key areas