• We've been thinking through some of the core brand graphics that may be a part of the larger refresh as we want these pieces to feel cohesive and well-aligned with all other elements we'll be refining (site, collateral, etc.)

  • You'll see 3 versions for business cards, envelopes and letterhead that reflect where we see the larger refresh going

  • We've explored a few ways to address the multiple offices -- from just the states to the states + cities

  • The use of the darker PT blue on some of the options adds some heft and boldness, signals change and reflects your strong roots in Physical Therapy. Integrating more of the darker PT blue at this point feels fresh and professional and could help do what the brown did at the onset - give the brand a solid, natural and holistic tone; the darker blue now represents foundation, strength, integrity and passion. This blue could also become a third primary brand color if we feel the need to streamline the brand as we scale and think the services no longer need the added color emphasis /distinction.

  • We've also explored a few options on how to address the main office/headquarters.

  • We can leverage whatever you might like best from any of these options and modify to create the final version