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No matter how much our world changes, there will never be an adequate substitute for a parent’s direct involvement in a child’s reading and learning. The very act of reading together strengthens the critical bond between parent and child, home and school, reading and learning. It sets a vital example and influences children in a way that no alternative will ever replace. Reading practice is encouraged. Relationships are strengthened. Schools are supported. Community is fostered.

While compelling facts and figures may influence our thoughts, they don’t often move us to take action. It takes an authentic, emotional connection to bring knowledge to a boil.

We set out to observe and speak with parents to better understand key motivations for reading together. While many understand the general value of reading and regard it as very important for their kids, in the list of priorities they face each day, reading together is often relegated to the bottom of the list. The opportunity to change perspectives lay in focusing on the more immediate and powerful impacts of reading – how it inspires our kids, influences their behaviors, affects their thoughts – each and every day.

The insights led to the creation of the "20 for 20 Reading Challenge" - a program to inspire parents to read with their kids for 20min a day for 20 days. The trick is to break daily reading down into small, daily bites that ultimately help to change behaviors and develop into healthy habits.


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