Raising Readers:

I have a success story to share with you…it’s a story about how the video we produced helped save jobs and libraries in Idaho.  Check out the email from a field rep displayed below … and the story that the Scholastic NY Intranet ran (see attachment).  It’s these type of stories that make it all worthwhile.


I continue to send the link to your amazing short promoting kids reading every day.  I always hope that it touches people the way it touches me and I have a story to share with you about how it did touch someone, who then touched the lives of many others…..
We have an amazing customer, Anita Day at Birch Elementary School in Nampa, ID.  She is the Scholastic Book Fairs “ideal customer” in every way.  She out-does all of my customers in terms of decorating, contests, community engagement, and she is generous.  She shares what she creates with other schools willingly; she attends workshops without fail and inspires other attendees to get involved with programs like One for Books if they have not already.   She was worried a few years ago when her principal retired that the incoming leader would be reluctant to support her level of Book Fair commitment so we worked together from the beginning with the new principal, Cindy Johnstone, to share with her what the book fair brings to Birch and to begin a partnership with her to continue the success.  She then became unfailingly supportive and has done wacky things like working on the roof for a day or dressed as a fire fighter in full togs.
Last fall public education here in Idaho faced the first school year following state legislative changes that drastically reduced funding to districts.  Wide-spread pandemonium ensued.  Districts reacted with varying degrees of panic and outrage and began evaluating everything outside of the classroom for elimination or drastic cuts.  Cindy Johnstone saw the writing on the wall and asked Anita to prepare a presentation for their district board members in support of libraries and all that librarians in the district do, including Book Fairs.  Anita prepared a wonderful power point presentation and the Scholastic Book Fair portion was impressive.  She shared information we share through our IMPACT reports translating her sales into number of  books into the hands of students, reading minutes, and also her profit results and how she relies on it to maintain and build the resources in her library.
She concluded her presentation with your invitation to “Join our Rally to Raise Readers” and played the short.  She said when it was over, you could hear a pin drop and when they finally spoke,  the school board members thanked her for the fabulous education they received that day.  She later learned from Cindy that librarians’ jobs were on the table to be cut or eliminated and there had been discussion of shuttering the libraries or drastically reducing hours, but Anita’s case was so compelling that the board dropped that plan and threw their support behind school libraries throughout the district.
Anita told me that Scholastic Book Fairs, and in particular that wonderful rally cry you participated in creating, played an important, if not pivotal, role in inspiring her to inspire others to continue to work to “Raise Readers!”.  I promised her I would let you know how important your work is and how far-reaching.
Thank you for sharing this with your wonderful team!    Thank you, Bobby!
Kindest regards,
Jennifer Gravel
Field Sales Representative
Scholastic Book Fairs
 – Northwest Region

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THANK YOU for your amazing work!

We wanted to share a few words from Scholastic about the 20 for 20 Reading Challenge program that you helped create...

"At a national meeting of the Scholastic Principal Advisory Board, we shared the 20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge videos. They loved them!!

The Scholastic Corporate team also loved the work and would like to have a loop with all three family versions for continuous play in the lobby screen of the NY corporate offices.

I love what we did with this last video and the use of real world people .... loved the sound bites in their own words. That aspect has resonated strongly with educators and employees.

We want to engage your team again for a 4th mission video series. I think we want the topic to focus on the importance of home libraries and classroom libraries. I'll plan a visit up to NYC to see you soon."

Thank You! Bobby